Heart of the Gila Documentary Needs Your Help

As you probably know, the Gila River was one of Ella’s loves, and this iconic southwestern river is still under the threat of a diversion project. One of the ways we can help to extend and expand the work she did is through backing an important documentary about the river that is currently being made by a local filmmaker, the same one who produced the film “A Heart, A Soul, A Voice, The Lives and Legacy of Michael Mahl, Ella Myers and Ella Kirk.

We are currently raising funds for the production of the Heart of the Gila documentary film through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and we need your help. Please consider donating to the project, or if you can’t, share the campaign page with friends, relatives, and organizations that share similar values, whether that is environmental activism, water protection, conservation, or even just those who love documentaries or our beloved Gila River.

“You may be asking yourself, if we already made a film then why are we raising money? We have a limited collection of footage (much of it interviews with the parents) around the day of the crash and general remembrances about the kids’ lives and work. This footage is gripping and remarkable. It was all filmed with two cameras by myself and other top-notch film professionals seasoned by years of working on some of the biggest film projects in the world. However, the footage is limited and focused very much on the tragedy of the loss.

We would like to move forward with what I’m affectionately thinking of as the “other half” of the film; the story of the Gila River itself.

Our campaign to raise the first $75k of our budget will go towards assembling a world class crew of nature cinematographers and production staff to document the river as it exists now to the highest production standards available. We will employ the latest production technology and film the river using 6k RAW film cameras. The team will film a journey from the river’s birth at its head waters in the Gila Wilderness to its ultimate destination near Phoenix Arizona where what’s left of it is siphoned off for agriculture. We will also explore its historical trajectory linking it to the Colorado River and ultimately the Gulf of Mexico and document some of the many species that live around the river.”

Please click through this link and read the rest of the campaign page, and consider supporting this important work: Heart of the Gila: Documentary Film — Can the lives and deaths of 3 young environmentalists teach us to save one of our last wild rivers?

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  1. This is a great cause I will keep sharing with my friends and see what we can do to help with this for Ella Ella and Michael

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