Love of Animals: Ella’s Support for Heifer International

Ella Jaz KirkElla was a lover of goats, passionate about protecting the environment and committed to the work of Heifer International. Ella Jaz began her interest in Heifer when she was just 8, raising money from her schoolmates and community to purchase goats and rabbits for children around the world.

Ella lived in a small southwestern New Mexico town called Silver City and was part of a local goat cooperative that shared in the care and stewardship of several goats. She loved goat milk!

Ella is seen in this photo holding (and loving) one of the co-op weanlings, which she cared for during the first weeks they were away from their moms.

Ella Jaz continued to donate and support the efforts of Heifer International throughout her years and was passionate about promoting the sustainable use of resources, especially water. Ella focused her activism locally on protecting rivers and wild places.

Ella passed away at the age of 14, shortly after this picture was taken with her jersey wooly rabbit, Dakota. Her friends and family continue to support Heifer in her honor.


“We cannot escape from the fate of interconnection so it is better to stare it in the face than ignore it. No one has the answer as to how to fix all the world’s problems, but perhaps together we can fix something.” – Ella Jaz Kirk, 2014

[Previously published as Young Niece Inspires Giving on Heifer International’s site.]

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