Transforming the Earth-Butterfly by Butterfly

Butterfly Way is a habitat restoration project along the riverine corridor of the Gila River, in Southwestern New Mexico, promoting an increase in the diversity of native plant hosts for butterflies, birds, bees and other pollinators.

In honor of the passion and dedication of Ella Jaz, Ella Sala, and Michael, we are motivated to create lasting beauty in their memory. The restoration of habitat for the benefit of butterflies, birds and a myriad of insects at the Gila River Farm is a fitting tribute to these young conservationists. All three taught ecology at the Gila River Farm to elementary children and participated in many projecs in this very place. We believe they would be inspired by this effort of giving back to the land and the river.

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Our objectives are to increase floral and faunal diversity, improve critical habitat for sustaining Monarch butterfly populations and provide a place for research and study of the role of pollinators and their native plant hosts.

This project is funded entirely by donation and a collaboration between the Gila Conservation Coalition, The Nature Conservancy, and the friends and family of Ella, Ella, and Michael.  Please help us create a pathway of stewardship and beauty at the TNC’s Lichty Center, in Cliff, New Mexico.  Please visit this page to learn more and contribute to restoring the earth…

(All butterfly photos graciously given and taken by Dale Zimmerman-our heartfelt thanks)

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  1. Such a wonderful tribute to Ella .. Thank you so much for sharing.. And thank you a lot for sharing your love of nature with us.. and helping with the preservation of nature and wildlife.. And the preservation of the Gila river ..Paul

  2. Thank you for your work!! I had a beautiful two tailed swallow tailed butterfly in my garden the other day; looked just like the one you have posted. I couldn’t help wonder if she came from your habitat!

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