Ella’s Fund: Help Keep the Gila River Free

Gifts in memory of Ella Jaz Kirk will be used to fund efforts to protect the Gila River

Ella’s light is shining in the river. Keep the Gila free.

In Memory of Ella Jaz Kirk

Ella Jaz Kirk, 14, was an outstanding and passionate young woman, who loved nature, music, dance and especially the Gila River. We lost Ella and her two friends, Michael Mahl and Ella Myers in May. The three students worked together as eco-monitors, studying the natural systems of the Gila and striving to enhance and protect our environment.

ej-logElla Kirk’s passion was working to save the Gila River from a diversion project. She created a petition and delivered it with 6,470 signatures from around New Mexico and the world to NM Governor Susana Martinez to stop the diversion. She testified at the NM state legislature in February on behalf of a bill that would have funded alternatives to a diversion and keep the Gila wild and free.

Ella was an inspiration to all of us. She had a gift so striking for such a young person to speak her mind and heart so clearly and in a way that was inspiring to all. We draw strength from remembering her courage and determination to speak truth to power.

Ella’s mother, Patrice, asks us to remember her by lighting a candle, getting your feet wet in the river, and by making a donation in Ella’s name to Gila River protection efforts through the Gila Conservation Coalition (GCC), a partnership of conservation groups working to save the free flow of the Gila River. The Gila Resources Information Project is a GCC partner and fiscal agent for the Coalition.

Donate to the fund here: In Memory of Ella Jaz Kirk