Back to the Woods (song-video)

“Take us Back to the Woods” was written in the Fall of 2014 by Aldo students in memory of Ella Kirk, Ella Myers and Michael Mahl. It was performed by Maddie Alfero and Paloma Dames at a fire circle; you can hear the crackle of the wood flames. Photo montage from many sources of Ella, Ella, and Michael and a rainy camping trip in the Gila National Forest in the Fall of 2013.

3 Responses to Back to the Woods (song-video)

  1. It’s so nice to see Ella and her friends having so much fun in the woods and the wild.. to have them share that with us.. it is a true blessing.. every one of us that has watch that video should go out in the woods and do the same thing… and I’m sure that’s what Ella and her friends would love us to do

  2. I never heard this before i don’t know how i missed it. So beautiful and sad but the children did feel safe in the woods. You gave Ella the chance to love them

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