Ella’s Family & Friends

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  1. Hello, Patrice. Looking at how you’ve created this special space honoring Ella’s life makes me smile all the way through. 🙂
    I especially like the picture of Ella with the handsome young man two pictures up. (She is wearing what looks like a grey sweatshirt and he is wearing a white top with florescent glasses) I like this picture of Ella because I can see you in her. I pray you are doing okay, and will continue to keep you and Ella in my thoughts and prayers.
    In peace, and with love, Cinnamon

    • hi cinnamon, I’m also happy you made it to ella’s site. The handsome young man is Michael Mahl. He passed into the light with Ella and Ella.
      Thanks for reaching out.

  2. I’m not very adept at using the internet to find things, but your posts have a way of finding me instead. Once again, I’m both humbled and inspired by these young people.
    Thank you Patrice for providing these paths that find me.

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