Ella on the Road with Food-Bretagne, France


From: EJ kirk <ejazwolf@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 2:37 AM
Subject: Ella on the road with food

Dear Friends,

Bonjour, We are in Roscanvel in Bretagne, France at Doume and Claude’s house. It is lovely here; today the sky is steel gray and everything is dripping with dew.  Yes, lovely for us water deprived New Mexicans!

 We arrived here two days ago and right away, went out for crepes at small coastal tavern. It was so nice there: lamps burning in-laid in the crude brick walls, a steamy kitchen, and rough wooden tables. I had three crepes: one with potatoes, onions, and chevre; one with fresh cream and warm apples, and another ice cream flambee! For those of you who have never had flambee, it’s something to try. They bring a cup of alchohol to you, light it on fire and pour the blue flames over your crepes. YUM!


Yesterday we went to a ceremony in Cameret for dead fisherman and then came home for a HUGE lunch!



First course: pistachios and crackers

Second Course: melon.

Third course: Rabbit in jelly (I did not have any) potatoes and chard in a creamy  sauce

Fourth Couse: Cheese and bread.

Fifth course: strawberries in whipped cream and cookies.

OHHH! Claude is constantly cooking!


After lunch we had a siesta then went out to Cap de Chevre and walked around. And after that guess what? We came home and at 8:30 had dinner!  Turkey, mushrooms in cream sauce, squash and tomatoes, lima beans and after that bread and cheese and dessert! OH MY!


Yours Truly, A bientot! Ella, thriving and well in Bretagne









“This is the most interesting time we ever could have hoped to be alive. Whatever you do, don’t be bored!”


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  1. That sounds like a great time the food sounds so good. EJ did such a good job of describing everything. makes your mouth water.. thanks once again for sharing Patrice.. great pictures too..

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