Ella Jaz created this video with the objective to “ envision the past, present, future with images of one’s own community.” She was helped along the way by her friend, Josh. The featured photo for this post is by Karuna Markham. The video is set to two of Ella’s favorite songs by John Maher and John Lennon and features places and people from Silver City, New Mexico. Enjoy her vision.  Peace.

4 Responses to Past…Present…Future

  1. I loved Ella from a distance, seeing her at stream diversion meetings and impressed by her commitment to our beloved Gila River. I also loved you from a distance, Patrice, you are the Mom I would have wanted. This is a
    lovely website in Ella’s honor.

  2. I remember listening to the Beatles Sargent peppers album… Ella Patrice Liberty and i were all singing along to it.. The song.. all together now… Off of the same album.. Was a song that will always stick in my memory… We all harmonized well on that one… Every time I play that song.. I will think of a Ella.. Peace be with you all ..and peace be with Ella.. Hugs for you mama Patrice.. Peace be with you my dear friend ..Such a wonderful tribute to ella jazz…Paul

  3. Every once in awhile we come across photos of our lives in Silver City with Ella in them and remember her light. You live in our hearts forever, Ella. We love you!! – Ellen and Olive.

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