Paradigm Shift

It is time for society to start adopting more sustainable ways of living, and water is at the heart of that. Wild rivers are being destroyed, and some governments, agencies, and people still fail to see
water as anything more than a commodity.   Floods and droughts grip the land, and still society denies the idea of interconnection.DSC00534

It is time for a paradigm shift, for humans to realize that they have been pushing water resources past their limits.DSC00086

When the miraculous molecule an entire empire, and an entire world, is built on is no longer available in clean, accessible quantities to future generations, something with the mainstream society’s relationship with water is deeply wrong.DSC00603


Water, that vital substance that bubbles up from hidden springs in oak nurseries where moss grows thick, and slips down Douglas Fir hillsides into mirror lakes, will keep humans alive if they treat it with careful thought and reverence.



Water has always been the difference between life and death, boom or bust, and it will be the difference once again between a sustainable future or perhaps, no future at all.

(words & photos: ella jaz kirk)

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  1. We all need to take Part in conservation .no matter where you live. or what’s your water situation is.. I try to conserve water like I live in the middle of the desert.. we also need to conserve energy. It’s a true blessing to have the young people so involved with the future of our planet.. And I cannot thank Ella and Patrice enough for their dedication and hard work.. thank you so very much for taking the time and making the effort.. To get people to come together on this.. God bless. peace be with you .Paul

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