River, Hear…I Speak of Grief……..for ella..

Hear me a moment spirit of  the river

while I speak of grief.


Would that your many waters could carry it off

so rocks and gravel would wear it away.


This I know is not to be,

the grief of which I speak is far too heavy.

The hills absorb it but still it is immense.

The trees shudder

but can not shake it off.

ellainriverTears appear on the cheeks of old hardened men,

men accostumed to loss,

accostumed to dashed dreams

old men are moved as little children

in the weight of this grief.


Carry it river, would you?

Distribute it evenly  amongst us

gila at flood2so that we as many can carry it

and not be crushed by its’ weight.



Carl Faber, October, 2014

7 Responses to River, Hear…I Speak of Grief……..for ella..

  1. I carry the weight as well as you Carl ..I Miss Ella. Thank you so much for sharing Patrice. Peace be with you my friend.. and all my love

  2. Patrice, know that all who love Ella share that burden of grief. Ella is still right here, within each one of us. She is ready to guide us but we need to be still and listen to her. We love you Ella. We love you Patrice.

  3. Wearing Ella’s river sneakers today to walk the shore/boardwalk here in Coney Island Brooklyn. Loving you always.

  4. it cannot be understood – it just is – like the river that carries us all

    love and peace to all

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