Bumper Cars

ej-goatThe other night I had a dream about bumper cars.

Hundreds of people rode in these little cars trying to get from one end to another. They would bump into each other ceaselessly but they never raised their eyes, never changed course.

This is our current human existence. Our eyes are fixed on some destination, but we fail to consider how every step we take influences a greater whole. This whole is our town, our country, our ecosystem, our world.

We cannot escape from the fate of interconnection so it is better to stare it in the face than ignore it. No one has the answer as to how to fix all the world’s problems, but perhaps together we can fix something.

We can never separate ourselves from the fate of any other or the fate of our planet. With a new understanding of how interconnected we are all, perhaps we can change something. We are all in this together for better or for worse.

Ella Jaz Kirk, 2014

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