Cord Fluidity


Most often, I find truths about myself not with someone else, but in the moments alone;


seeing a curve of water, knowing no one else will ever see that same drop of water in the same spot again.





Truth is hard to capture, to hold; like a captive firefly buzzing around the dark chamber of my cupped hands.

Sometimes I see it in a smile, a certain feeling of elation;

the plunge of cord fluidity when I’m submerged.

Sometimes as a memory, one I hold close or laugh about with someone else.


A quick spark between the two of us,

b2014-04-11 10.41.56oth remembering the same thing.








At night in my room, my breath the only thing keeping me

company, my thoughts go on and on with nothing to bounce

off, nothing to curb them.

In a way, that’s how  I would like to live- free of things to stop my thoughts.

But then, I know my thoughts would soon lose their dimension with no interactions to shape them, no other voice to challenge them, or fortify them.DSC_5663






(words and self portrait by ella jaz)

3 Responses to Cord Fluidity

  1. thank you for sharing Patrice.. all I can say is wow.. Ella was blessed with a special way of putting her thoughts into words.. thank you for sharing your thoughts. Miss you Ella. Love Paul.

  2. Ella is such an exceptional, sentient soul, with the ability to transform thoughts… if we listen. Thank you Ella, thank you Patrice.

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