Dear Mama

DSC02112I could write a book,  but you don’t need another book to read.  I could write you a song but there is no more beautiful a sound than that of a bird song and rain.  I could buy you a present, but things are just that. Every Holiday I write you words upon words in the hopes that somewhere inside you the words will alight and make you happy.  But I am beginning to realize that simpler is better.  So what I have to say is:

I am grateful for you.

Thank you.PICT0671

I love you.

The rains will come, I promise you.  They will wash away and cleanse our souls and I will run into it barefoot and smile.

Thank you for teaching me to dance in the rain.

I Love You.

Happy Mother’s Day!


9 Responses to Dear Mama

  1. Ella’s words are so present, so deeply felt, and as real as the Gila earth between your toes! You are an extraordinary mother, Patrice. May Ella’s beautiful words to you, her “Mama,” let joy rise and shine this mother’s day and all days.

  2. She was a true Nature’s Child.. thank you again Patrice. ellas telling us the best way to look at life .and nature.. her words have so much love and soul.. love you Ella and Patrice.

  3. Oh, thank you so much for sharing. A glimpse into the gift of Ella, and your world. May you dance with Ella in your dreams tonight.

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