Fromage, Fiddles, and Foolishness-from France

From: EJ kirk <>
Date: Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 1:27 PM
Subject: fromage, fiddles, and foolishness

We’re here in fromage land! Oh, the food is grand but simple here. We’ve eaten two types of French onion soup so far. A super peppery one last night that made us think that somebody was shaking the pepper in it and the lid full off (!), and we also had a delicious, oily, good smelling soup that to me, just by its’ aroma and the sight of the soup-soaked bread in it, conveyed warmth and great culinary comforts. Today, along-side the soup, we had eggplant with basil and olive oil sauce (a sort of a a lite pesto) filled with mozzarella and lemon berries on top of a salad dressed in mustard; the whole thing drizzled in sweet molasses.  Oh the culinary delights of Par-ee!

Today we went to Versailles and saw the Chateau, a grand palace of kings and queens. We walked around the town as a sprinkle of rain came down around us.
We had strong, foaming mugs of espresso (I added sugar cubes to mine) and a pistachio raspberry tart. Oh my senses burst w/ flavor! Green pistachio paste spread over a crumbly crust topped with raspberries just bursting with juice. Oh it was bon!
Yesterday, we walked from our boarding house to the Eiffel tower. What was supposed to be a 20 minute bus ride ended up being a 3 hour walk after we abandoned the bus because it was so darn hot. It was a nice walk even though we got lost three times. i went into a music shop once and played a French fiddle, with dark, yellow-green tinted wood. The sound that resonated from it was so beautiful. sooo rich and toned. I only played half a sound before we went along our way, but the sound, it stayed w/ me.
I will have to say “au revoir: now. Goodbye my friends.

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  1. Another colorful description of a fun filled day in a different lifestyle. I can almost taste the soup. and hear the fiddle Thank you so much for sharing Ella J.. and Mama P

  2. wow, it seems like thats all I want to say after listening to Ellas words, yes I can taste the food, hear the fiddle, feel the rain…

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