I Prayed to the Raven

Suddenly one appeared, and then gradually, many ravens gathered in the sky. Over my head and over the field. They swooped majestically and cawed.  They flew in an unorganized but harmonious bunch, moving slowly toward the neighbor’s house–  toward the direction of the first split in the fence.

They seemed to be beckoning to me. I started walking slowly in their direction. They flew up and soon they were above the Branding Iron hill.


The destination of the Run.


More ravens flew up out of the trees to join them. They were telling me to follow them.

I ran down to the edge of the field, through the split in the fence and out the other side. I saw the ravens were now above, not the Branding Iron hill,

which was in front of me, but a hill to my left.


I wished I could fly with them. I slowly started twirling, arms out like wings.  Faster, faster, till I plopped down in the grass and began to weave the grass in a braiding motion. I stood up a minute or so later and in my hand was a beautiful grass prayer torch.


I walked back through the split in the fence. The ravens were on this side of the fence again. I broke up the prayer torch and let the grass scatter around me.  I walked slowly in a circle around the grass then knelt in the middle.

I prayed to the Raven.

I asked him to help me get wings to fly. To help me be rebellious like him. To help me see the world from above but be part of it too.


I came up with this.





People know not of my just powers,
Yet they understand my faults.
How can they know of the bad in me
but not comprehend the good?

I said this to myself all the way home..


(words and all photos: ella jaz kirk)

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  1. I LOVE the photos of the trees with the sunset, I would love a copy of those if possible…thank you Ella for sharing the beauty and wonder through your eyes

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