Infinite Multiverse

DSC04522I did not particularly choose this stalk of grass, perhaps you could say it chose me. I simply sat down where the ground looked soft and the wind played with the tall grass and saw that simple blade. There was something about the way it cast its quivering shadow on my leg that brought back memories of lying in a field under a summer sky as crickets began to sing and I burrowed deep into tall grass.

The stalk of grass is a gentle, green. Its florets are ovular with rosy tips and white fringe. The stem of this piece of grass is perfectly round with several long blades growing from it. The very tops of the grass blades have browned. The wind catches the grass and gently pushes its florets to and fro. A weak light catches the tops of the grains.


I believe that there is no such thing as a pure perception; all things we observe are linked to what else is occurring at that time.  Some memory, a shadow or a laugh or a flash of red wing that is stirred, associates itself with that thing we sense. That said, there is perhaps no such thing as objectivism either. Even the pale green florets of the grass stalk I observe so immediate and real, would not be the same color if observed through the eyes of a light-footed lady bug traveling across it. Indeed, the universe to us stretches past Alpha Centaurs, past far off nebulas and imploding stars to the land we call infinity. But for an insect dancing his way up a blade of grass, the universe could be this town. Mathematically, some infinities are bigger than others. The numbers between 1 and 2 are infinite as are the numbers between 1 and infinity.  Looking at these things together, there is infinity within infinity.

But today I’m not exploring the infinite multiverse. I’m only looking at a backpack800gentle, green blade of grass.

– Ella Jaz Kirk, 2014



grass, yucca photos-Ella Jaz Kirk

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  1. Ella enjoyed nature so much.. she was blessed with the ability to relax ..and enjoy what nature has to offer.. we all need to get back in touch with Mother Earth.. that is those of us that have lost touch,, I’m sure she would want us to all enjoy.. what the Great Creator has blessed us with..

  2. I never knew Ella but I have to know a little about her from her Aunt Ilene. She has impressed me with her love of life and could see the beauty of God’s creation and cherish it. A remarkable young lady.

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