Letters from Europe-August 21-Paris!

From: EJ kirk <ejazwolf@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Subject: We’re in Paris!!!!!

Hello everyone! We are in Europe. Yesterday our plane docked in the enchanting city of Paris. From the plane I saw the Eiffel tower, tiny as a Monopoly token.

From the airport we took the train to one of the central stations, the Gare Du Nord (station of the North) and from their took the metro to the Chateau D’eau and then proceeded to get lost. Apparently Rue de Faubourg Saint Denis is not the same as Rue de Faubourg Saint Martin

After we found the boarding house we are staying in we went out for a walk. It was so nice wandering the streets. The buildings in Paris are beautiful! I was thinking Paris looked a lot like New York. Shops crammed together, street-side delis and fashionable people walking around in their high heels. But then you look up the apartments leaning over the narrow boulevards, shutters thrown open, and laundry hanging between the flower pots, and then your like: OH!  Europe!

After we got back I crashed for 3 hours. I fell down on my bed and slept. My mom went out and bought bread, cookies, cheese, and melon for dinner.

The cheese, oh, the cheese!!! I will have to write another letter devoted just to the cheese tonight.

Today we are going to The Louvre!


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  1. She had such enthusiasm in her spirit and clearly lived fully in her short beautiful life. I hope you find comfort Patty in knowing you were responsible for her wonderful experiences and memories.

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