Love to the Sky….written at 5


When the skies, one at a time,
kiss each other,
then the fairies come to kiss my cheeks.
I feel like a star in the light of evening.

When is it my turn to be in the sun?
When can I fly through the moon with fairy wings?.

Blossoming from a flower, growing from a flower, flying from a flower
making dreams come true



So the evening sunsets the day with the path of lightDSC05253

and makes the skies, makes the skies
shine so bright in the evening sun.

make the clouds shine
so bright, glowing in the evening and make the world bright and high.


Sunny light, sunny light,
make the dreams come tonite.
Make the world like a dream
so happy and sad.
Maybe you will see a sunflower blossoming

even as you wander.

Keep the sun in your eyes and make the dreams come true.DSC05038

Sun, Mesa!
The dreams come true!
Mesa, mesa, mesa,
the dreams come true.

When will I be in fairy land?
When the fairies kiss my cheeks.



poem & landscape photos by ella jaz.

7 Responses to Love to the Sky….written at 5

  1. Thank you Patrice. Ella had such a wonderful creative colorful way of looking at everything around her.. And everything that happened to her.. all the books you read to her.. and the time you spent with her.. influenced her creativity and poetry.

  2. lovely – so dear and sweet
    reminds me of my grand daughter – similar to Ellas lovely perspective of the wonder around us

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