“Music Alone Shall Live”

Ella Jaz played fiddle from the age of 6 with Jeanie and Ken of Bayou Seco and her many fiddling friends. Click on the soundtrack below the slides and listen to songs from the CD, “Rio Libre” with Ken Keppler on accordian, Ella J, Jeanie McLerie, Joe Bruemmer on fiddles and Patrice Mutchnick on guitar.  Enjoy and keep the music alive!

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5 Responses to “Music Alone Shall Live”

  1. Our souls shine when playing music with friends. Ella’s love for both her friends and music are evident in these beautiful photos!

  2. Ella, i will always remember how you came to my house one day and we worked on a french song, “Mignonne”, by the french poet, Ronsard…such an avid learner you were…AND THEN you accompanied yourself on the piano and sang it at a recital of Jeanie’s students!!! The song is about the beauty of youth and the passage of time…..I believe you took that song to heart and lived your life to the fullest!!

    I am still sad that your life on this earth ended so tragically that day in may along with your friends who I did not have the privilege to know….and this earth, though it cannot know it, misses you too!!

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