They tell me I’m not the first to fall.


Crossing through the cobwebs.

The laughter and half –moon nights,

the smell of oregano and taste of silence

fall around me,

memories shattering over my head.


Simple silhouettes of two people in the long grass.

Piano notes that fall like stars,

sidewalks of conversation

pouring out the defeat and deceit

into the open arms of the wind.DSC05070

They tell me it wasn’t worth it,

I should let go,

let the strings slip through.

And I did;  broke away,

until  I could remember

on campfire nights

with smiles instead of remorse.

And then I tuck away the memories

under my mattress

until I am ready

to be a simple silhoutte again.




words and photos by ella jaz kirk.


2 Responses to Silhouettes

  1. Thank you for sharing Patrice.. Ella had a real gift for putting her thoughts and feelings into words.. and pictures..

  2. Ella is one of the most sentient and thought provoking teenagers I have ever met. Thank you Patrice,for the gift of Ella.

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