Telescope…… ella jaz kirk

Life is like wax, we say,
our breathes skittering across
the wood floor.

Our bodies shake
with the words
our lips say.

We are looking through a telescope

watching shattered glass


become a garden,
life become a lens.

We are running
with bare feet
through the sleeping
house and when
the lights go out
we sit like fireflies
in the dark.

And it’s everywhere.
An enthralling, exploding, shouting, laughing, loving, dancing, oh dancing
sense ofIMG_5210


We sit in the bathtub
and scrunch our
knees up to our chests
so we don’t fall
through the floor.

And we are crying and laughing
with every dance,thoughts soaking in.

And I think of how God was like the moon.
The Moon.

And now every tear,
every sound, every memory
is god, or the moon, or beauty, or maybe
it’s just the sound of rain.



(ella jaz kirk, 2014-photos by karuna and ella jaz)

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