What is Anything, Anyway? ella jaz kirk

I am obsessed with succeeding and knowledge, worried most about  squandering this heightened awareness.  I think this obsession of mine is born from my failure in other ways; failure in friendships, in adventure, in beauty. That’s why it hurts so much when I can’t succeed though learning because I often feel I have come up short everywhere else.



This thirst for knowledge raises a sort of drive inside of me that conquers all else. Often, I feel I’m not learning enough; that there are so many things I cannot grasp and it makes my heart ache with unfulfillment.



I’m  letting go though.    DSC_5279

Recently I’ve realized that learning is good, but my real goal is to do something- to be a citizen- to let my awareness and existence have an impact, not just take knowledge for myself. Because really, human knowledge is nothing without experience.

But , what is anything anyway? Our knowledge dies with our finite bodies if we don’t do anything good for the world with it.







(photos by ella jaz)

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  1. Well, there you go, Ella Jaz had it right.
    SHE had a lasting impact.
    Now it is your turn, my turn, our turn, to do something worthwhile and special with our lives.
    Let Ella’s light shine through each one of us, don’t be afraid–make an impact!

  2. Well spoken ella. . It is important to share things with your friends and family .. and to love your neighbor.. and it doesn’t really matter how significant they are.. what matters is the fact that you are sharing.. some people would be happy just to see you smile.. some people would be happy if you could give them a dollar.. and some people would be happy if you could share your food and water with them.. think of all the Syrian refugees.. how happy they would be just to have a place to stay.. so turn on your love light. And keep it on

    • I used to talk to Ella about this very concept. I used to tell her that she has a gift and that she needs to use that gift to help the world. Something tells me she would have figured that out on her own, but I hope I had a small part in her thinking that way.

      on the other hand, she was very critical of herself, and her hard on herself. But I think that’s part of being a teenage girl.

  3. Ella’s words echo wilderness elders beyond her years & the depth of her vision surpasses them… like Ed Abbey, who expressed that “… sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul…” Thank you, Ella, for sharing your fiery spirit & brightening our paths.

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